The Frantic Diary of the Month of November

Hope Springs Eternal ( -Someone, not me) - A Nanowrimo attempt

Location: Annapolis Valley, Canada

Decide to take private art lessons to see where it takes me.

Saturday, November 18


1. Amroth
2. Elf (Sindarin)
3. Male, heterosexual
4. Pale, white skin
5. Grey eyes
6. Regal features, high delicate bone structure
7. 6’7’
8. 189 lbs
9. None
10. Occasional circlet around hair
11. None
12. Sight, hearing, smell of the elder (excellent), sensing emotions, water visions
13. Domineering, yet cowed. Torn. Extroverted
14. King, lives as Silvan
15. ex, king. Still respected as such.
16. Father Amdir; dead. Mother; dead. Adoptive mother, Galadriel; loving, mentor, admiration. Galadriel husband; disagreement. Galadriel daughter, Celebrant; little sister, caring.
17. Rich, King.
18. Nimrodel’s ultimatum. Wars in youth. Tutelage by Galadriel. Silvan people, king.
19.Hates to see human injustice, loves Nimrodel to obsessive degrees, but resents her slightly. Fears never having accomplished anything. Wants to fight for something. Is used to his word being law, but is just and fair.
20. Nimrodel.
21. Best friend and traveling companion; Eanoth. Love interest; Nimrodel. Friend of friend he’s not too familiar with; Mithrellas. Horse; Talt Fera (falling cave)
22. Wants to marry Nimrodel
23. Bow, daggers
24. Amdirion (son of Amdir), indthar-peng (heart beyond bow)/ indthar-hathol (heart beyond blade), Amroth (tree/ up climber)

I made this post seperate from the last because I hope to do the other characters (not that likely)


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