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Decide to take private art lessons to see where it takes me.

Wednesday, February 14

Okay... so I fell of the face of the earth

I do that sometimes, we're none of us perfect. Euh.

Comfort can be found in the fact that I have done nothing exciting since my last post. No writing, the story remains in limbo and my phases are shifting from art (which followed writing which followed school) to reading.

Personally, I hope it gets back to school.

Snow Day!!!!

Anways. Sporadic. Yep. I warned about that.

Me? My comfort comes from the fact that I am pretty sure that no one is reading this anyways.

Friday, December 1

And ending... that sucks


I feel so berift.

On the plus side I woke with an idea how to write myself out of the hole that I had written myself into. My MC was slowly dieing, and he's the one I follow through to the end of the book and I'm barely half way through. It was bad. But its better.


Still, it might have been a better thing to finish my English assignment than work on my nano *sob* novel

Thursday, November 30

Things of bordom

More work on wiki, no more on story, another meet although the coffee (1) make me sleepy and sick feeling and Seadragon left early to catch Greys anatomy and we spent most of the time talking about post secondary education.

Ends today. I think I'm depressed.

Cool thing is I took the LOTR 1 dvd back to blockbuster (okay, my mom did it) and when she told them it sucked, because they didn't have another copy (which I would have preferred) we rented X-men 3, which was actully more expensive but we got it on exchange. Which was nice 'cause I had had the fellowship out for almost two weeks.

I was less angry about it being so crappy at that.

Got to school today. 8 hours. *sigh* I guess thats something

Is it wierd that I feel worse about not doing any nano related thingies?

I found a site, linked, nanofimo ( which breaks down to national novel finishing month, which is mostly for people who got their word count but didn't finish their story. It's to write 30 000 words in december (slighly less ambitious) but I doubt I'll sign up. I'm still sorting through things. Mabey next year?

I really hope Nano donations allow there to be a next year, cause nanoedmo died that way.


Wednesday, November 29

Rants and Raves and general insanity with typos

So I've started editing, and it's not quite as bad as I remember, which is always fun. Mind you, I've only made it to page six.

Putting it through some programs I found that it was a grade 12 reading level (see irony; it was written by someone in grade 11) and my average sentience is 23 words long. Oops.

Missing school again, not completely sure why, but its always a bad.

I finally got to doing my banner, which I will put up later, but can be found on my PBwiki page on which I am (slowly and distractedly) working .

I also watched the movie trilogy again, and have bored everyone I know to tears with details of my story. And of Tolkiens story. And of elvish genealogy, and ideology and... well, you get the point.

Thing about the movies is; they anger me.

From the beginning (SPOILER ALERT)
where Galadriel says: it began with the forging of the ring. No. No. No. It began millenia earlier with the thoughts of Illuvtar. Grr. Then you go through and 60% of the elves are inexplicably blond. Legolas I can forgive, because Thanduil had pale hair (although I don't think its ever explained how) but random elves. Haldir? whats up with that.

Also, blue eyes. Why do they have blue eyes? All the elves (ever) had gray eyes. And the eye brows. How am I suppose to believe these people are actually elves when they all have really dark eyebrows with that pale hair? And of course, the contact issues with Legolas. You'd think they'd fix that post production.

Oh, and then theres the fact that they Kill Haldir. That is so utterly wrong. Not just that it wasn't in the books but come on... Haldir! He reminded me of Lucius Malfoy anyways though, so it wasn't as depressing as it could have been.

Then you have then completely skipping over the parts with Halbred, the rangers and the twins. I was so looking forward to that! (somehow I managed to remember it being there)

Then you can talk about how they replaced Gilrond (or whatever) with Arwen, which was just wierd, and they cut out Tom Bombadil completely. And then the end; they have Merry and Pippin being allowed to go to the haven. And how exactly does Frodo still live in bag-end?

ugh. Those are only the biggies that I can remember.

Watching it with me is a painful experience because I kvetch the whole way through, but I have fun. Lots of fun.

One last thing;

'It think one of his spies would - well, seem fairer and feel fouler, if you understand.'

'I see,' laughed Strider. "I look foul and feel fair. Is that it?'

That's an awesome bit, but if they had an Aragorn who was homely enough for them to do that, it wouldn't have made for that nice of a movie, so it's forgivable. Sad, but forgivable.

Tuesday, November 28

This is the end, there will be more


So I hit fifty thou

Holy cow plop

Missed more school, my story has completely lost its mind and word gave me the 'you have to many spell/grammer errors, if you want them correct go to the tools bar as word will no longer show them' (or something to that effect) popup, which was depression, but I forbear. All it means is that I have to split the sucker into chunks and plot it in a new word doc.

I found that I could use the Sindar Tengwar in Adobe, which is just fun because coping words and organizing them in paint sucks.

Adobe's been fun, an in between not writing activity that leads to a shortage in disk space and a mass output of crap images. All in all; fun.

There wasn't enough donations this year, which is worring because that's what sunk nanoedmo, but I have my little halo so its not really my fault. Donate people, I'm an addic, don't cut off the supply!

Or something. ;)

My brain is fried (as can probably be guessed by the quality of my post) but the sad thing is I'm barely over half way with my story. When I started I wasn't sure I could stretch the idea into 50 000 words and now the months ending and I'm not done. Wierd.

I'm not sure I will ever finish this story. Since I finally passed the 50k mark I'm going to go back and read through (always a depressing activity, which is why I didn't do it before hitting word count) and figure out if its salvagable, and if I even want to try. Then decide where to go from there. Thing is, I'm no longer rushing against time so I might start putting it off until, oh it's next year and then I'll put it in some dusty folder (metaphoically speaking) and start again.

Still, theres a fair amount of pride. It's the most I've written. Possibly the crappiest (yes, even worst than my early stuff) but 50 thousand is a lot of words.

Slight funny thing?

On the sight it says that a 50k novel breaks down to about 175 pages. Mine? 101.

hehehe. Long sentences, it's a bad habit and it means that theres also a whole bunch of bridge words. Not to mention the fact that my dialoge (what little there is) is always submerged in a paragraph of description.

I am unable to have a conversation between polly and sam;

Polly glared at Sam, "why on earth would I do that."

"Might be fun."

"You're an idiot."

"Oh, yeah, real mature."

Okay, so it's a crappy example but it makes the point. I can't even do it like so;

Polly glared at Sam, "why on earth would I do that."

Sam shrugged casually, "Might be fun."

"You're an idiot," Polly responded.

Sam just rolled his eyes, "Oh, yeah, real mature."

Nope, my dialog goes like this;

Polly glanced upward toward the top of the tower, squinting against the sun and straining her neck to see what Sam was pointing to. When she finally saw it, her eyes widened and she felt a quick surge of panic. She hated hights, and that, that was one scary height. "Why on earth would I do that?" she asked, going on the offense in an effort to keep him from noticing her fear.

It didn't work. Sam's eyes twinkled with slight humour as he responded, "might be fun," he said casually, shifting against the rail behind him and waiting for her reaction.

Polly's mind was blank so she shot out the first thing that came to mind; "You're an idiot." Once again her eyes widened in shock, but this time it was at her own stupidity. Sure, act like a five year old arguing about cooties, that'll keep him from suspecting fear. Ugh. She sighed mentally and braced herself for the response.

Sam snorted softly, and then rolled his eyes purposefully in her direct, "Oh, yeah," he mocked, "real mature." Polly could feel herself blushing, and knew her pale skin would be looking like tomato with freckles by this point, but she couldn't be mad at Sam; she was the one who started this stupid game. And besides, instead of laughing at her, like she would have done if the situation was reversed, Sam was quietly staring out at the passing traffic, pretending not to notice her flaming face and giving her a moment to compose herself.

She really wished she could hate him, but his moral superiority wasn't done to be mean, he was just a gentleman. The last of a dying breed.

Okay, now picture pages of that. Afraid yet?

Oh, well. Not like it was going to be published anyways.

Monday, November 27


Oh yeah,

3 meets this weekend

my social worker will plotz

3 days left

of obligation

I have a head ache. This is all I write, 'cause I'm grumpy too.

word count 47 205

Seadragon is currently my personal hero.

Although, in the same breath I have to say I blame her for the rapid death of my cannon story. what is the research for if all of a sudden your elves are bitching, and playing tricks on each other and abusing sarcasim.


Missed school as well.

Terse. I wish I could say the same about my story.

*passes out on keyboard*

Friday, November 24

I'm back, and not from the dead

Finally back on track.

Went to Starbucks (third time, on planned for tomorrow) and have some new stats;

308 - written at starbucks after Seadragon left
1267 - written at home, after starbucks
35,320 - total word count yesterday
41 727 - total word count today

6407 - words written that are all seadragons fault

so I have no choice by to feverantly say thank you Seadragon!

Also, my mom made a donation in my name and so now I have a pretty halo over my name. It kicks.

Oh, also new; I tried switch browsers from IE to Firefox, but am not sure I really get the greatness everyone keeps telling me about, so I continue to try, and see how it goes. My orgainsation was helped by separate user accounts; my main one, a nano one and a school one.

I figured I'd make up for my long absence by posting a crappy poem; doesn't that just make it all better?

So without further ado (cause there's been way to much of that already)

I walk and I walk, for my horse was lost
I march alone for my companion is gone
I weep I weep for my love has crossed
And alone I stand in the breaking dawn

My home, my home is far away
My land is spoilt and spent
All have I lost because I did stray
And in my choice I do repent

My heart my heart is split in two
My soul weights heavy now
So I lay beside the water blue
And dream of a dark grey bow

Lost and alone, in a dark dark cave
I sleep upon cold floor
Away to dream of peace and things
of Amroth evermore.

- song in a vision.

I'll see about posting a crappy drawing I fixed (not that it got uncrappy but that I took the map my mom printed on it, off. That'll teach me to leave stuff on desks!).

Tuesday, November 21

I don't know why the photo is so blurry. gets better if you click on it, but just barely.

Earth crowned, water brother, enchant the wind and give blessedness to the fire

King of all galadhrim


- - -

Verse in Sindarin about Amroth on his corination. I haven't worked it into the story and I probably won't be able to, but I can post it. :) Posted by Picasa

forcast: sporatic updating continues

So the history thing is finished, and I tried not to kavech to much about my own personal bias toward the events occuring during the Roman period. And thats all I'm going to say on that.

I present tomorrow.

Novel? Oh, well.

I missed a couple days (2 to be exact) and wrote some, but not enough today. Went to another Starbucks meet, enjoyed some coffee argued about politics and conversed on torture, but only one couple moved to another table.

Another meet on friday, should be a four person attendance!!

Seadragon also bet me that if I could catch up and stay caught up for friday she would buy me a coffee, and if she could write 45 000 (she's currently ahead. Buffer envy) I would buy her a coffee.

Us crazy gamblers.

and I'm only 2000 words behind. And all written out for today; my last scene would have been a tearjerker if it weren't for the fact that I'm writing it, and the saturation of adjectives (about 4 four every noun. My english teacher must be shuddering) didn't help much.


40 008 by friday?

Easy Peasy.

Or something

Sunday, November 19

Title and names

Name issues.

I couldn't decide whether meaning or sound was more important

indthar-peng - meaning: heart beyond bow (sound)
indthar-hathol - meaning: heart beyond blade (translated sound)

I finally decided that I would have indthar-hathol as my title, but not as the character name, because it sucked phonetically.

So then I had to decide what to name him. I have a list of words, and possibilities and eventully compiled

ol cyll - meaning: dream bearer


Horse names, that I can't seem to keep track of when I need them;

Owner - Names - Meaning:

Amroth - Talt Fela - Falling Cave
Nimrodel - sir nen - river water
Mithrellas - ereb rhosg - lonely brown
Eanoth - beleg cardh - great deed

All but ereb rhosg are auatras, non-cannon relatives to the mearas.

Saturday, November 18


1. Amroth
2. Elf (Sindarin)
3. Male, heterosexual
4. Pale, white skin
5. Grey eyes
6. Regal features, high delicate bone structure
7. 6’7’
8. 189 lbs
9. None
10. Occasional circlet around hair
11. None
12. Sight, hearing, smell of the elder (excellent), sensing emotions, water visions
13. Domineering, yet cowed. Torn. Extroverted
14. King, lives as Silvan
15. ex, king. Still respected as such.
16. Father Amdir; dead. Mother; dead. Adoptive mother, Galadriel; loving, mentor, admiration. Galadriel husband; disagreement. Galadriel daughter, Celebrant; little sister, caring.
17. Rich, King.
18. Nimrodel’s ultimatum. Wars in youth. Tutelage by Galadriel. Silvan people, king.
19.Hates to see human injustice, loves Nimrodel to obsessive degrees, but resents her slightly. Fears never having accomplished anything. Wants to fight for something. Is used to his word being law, but is just and fair.
20. Nimrodel.
21. Best friend and traveling companion; Eanoth. Love interest; Nimrodel. Friend of friend he’s not too familiar with; Mithrellas. Horse; Talt Fera (falling cave)
22. Wants to marry Nimrodel
23. Bow, daggers
24. Amdirion (son of Amdir), indthar-peng (heart beyond bow)/ indthar-hathol (heart beyond blade), Amroth (tree/ up climber)

I made this post seperate from the last because I hope to do the other characters (not that likely)

Finally, a Character Sketch.

List from e-book in post below.

1. Name
2. Human/humanoid/other
3. Gender and sexual preferences
4. Skin type
5. Eyes
6. Facial features
7. Height
8. Weight
9. Blemishes
10. Culturally related marks (tattoos, etc.)
11. Scars (from injury -- and how does this affect the person?)
12. Senses (sight and hearing)
13. Personality (Extrovert, introvert, etc.)
14. Profession/Training
15. Status (Current position in society)
16. Family (Large Family, small? Relationship with others in family)
17. Family Wealth (Did the character grow up poor, rich)
18. Major changes (What drastic changes in life affected this character?)
19. Fears , Phobias and Traits
20. Weaknesses and Flaws (Everyone has a weakness)
21. Relationships (Friends, lovers, coworkers, neighbors)22. Goals (What does your character want to achieve?)

22. Weapons
23. Alias

Happy dances and fricken harps!

I got a e-book from the forums on thursday night, and wrote to catch up at one in the morning, so massive thanks to the inspiration of the forums themselves and 'Its a jungle out there: Nano for the new and insane, A Nanowrimo survival guide by Lezette Gifford' which reminded me why I was doing this in the first place. Not obligation or masicaism, but because I find it fun. Suddenly my muse woke from her coma and played nicely with microsoft word.

Friday was bad, lets move on.

While I didn't get any history done today, I did manage to sleep in to 1, and then attend a regional write-o-ton at starbucks, attended only by the person who organized it an myself.

Some quick stats on that:

Hours spent: 5
Word wars done: 2
Words typed: 1276
Words typed later at home: 2372
Fun had doing it with someone else: common, everyone know the mastercard comercial.

I only had one coffee, a gingerbread latte (they gave out a free sample, and I wanted more) but I had sparkling pear juice and a chocolate peanut butter bar. I also managed to mantain conversation for over 5 minutes, and only made a fool of myself a little.

Have I mentioned that it was fun? *does happy dance*

'Seadragon' 's (The organiser) book is massively intresting and complex, and made my plotless book with no originality and flat characters seem slightly less shiny, but something to aspire to I guess (image subplots and multiple characters? application of logic in discription? dialogue?)

Still, I had one character piece come toghether nicely (in the abstract, I refuse to go back and read it, because, well, I would stop writing completely). Word count on track, history down the drain, social interaction (my social worker is going to flip. My parents actully thought I was dead in a ditch or something because of how long I stayed ['bout 1:30-6:30] and how much people time I can usually stand.

Man, am I gitery. And it's not even coffee.

Or is it? Who knows what starbucks is putting in those christmas coffees? Maybe some 'holdiday cheer?'

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